Defend and reduce credit hire claims with Arbitrate

A market-leading and award-winning platform for basic hire rates (BHRs)

Credit hire companies frequently charge ‘at-fault insurers’ an inflated price for car hire. We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we built Arbitrate – a platform that instantly and independently determines the right price regardless of the circumstances or location.

As a result, an increasing number of insurers use Arbitrate. For credit hire defence, it’s the essential platform for negotiating with a credit hire organisation (CHO).

So what is Arbitrate?

Real-time BHR data

Arbitrate is a data engine that gathers real-time BHR data across the UK. Operating 24/7, it constantly logs and stores screenshots of private and light commercial vehicle rental availability and cost.

Any vehicle. Any postcode. Any day.

With seven years of data and access to hundreds of millions of pieces of information, Arbitrate delivers huge savings on the indemnity cost of any incoming claim.

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What benefits does Arbitrate deliver?

Access to accurate and contemporaneous evidence gives insurers an idea of the ‘going rate’ during a vehicle’s hire period. With this information, it’s possible to:

Achieve up to


reduction on cost versus the initial invoice

Reduce credit hire spend


substantially reduce the credit hire spend for all insurer clients

Reduce by up to


on the claims processing time

Expect up to


of all cases to settle at the BHR evidence rate without going to litigation

Arbitrate will produce anything from a single piece of data to full, court-compliant reports to add weight to your defence. We offer all of this at a market-leading turnaround time.

Using Arbitrate, credit hire invoices can be settled at a fair and reasonable daily rate. Consequently, credit hire teams experience improved operational efficiency and faster and more consistent results.

The UK’s broadest vehicle hire database

Arbitrate is the UK’s deepest and broadest vehicle hire database, ensuring an exceptionally high return rate for all enquiries. It produces fast, consistent reports detailing the BHR for any vehicle in any postcode on any day.

Our clients benefit from operational efficiency through an intelligent, multi-award-winning, automated system that produces polished and consistent hire reports. Arbitrate offers unparalleled insight and business information using advanced data analytics that wrap about the vehicle hire database.

Secure, simplified access

We offer single sign-on, ensuring that our systems are linked with our clients’ systems, meaning there is no need for additional login credentials – thus increasing operational efficiency. Once client users log into the system, our platforms are readily available for use.

Application programming interface (API)

We build all of our systems API first – enabling clients to connect their platforms to anything and everything at our end. This platform integration allows for the smoothest and fastest operating model, requiring the fewest amount of keystrokes for streamlined use and optimum user experience.

How to use Arbitrate

Arbitrate is available via:

A self-service portal

Your claims handler searches the Arbitrate portal to find and download the appropriate BHR dataset.

Arbitrate On-demand

We provide a service upon request where our experienced subject matter experts compile the report for you based on your requirements.

A member of our sales team will assess your company’s needs and recommend the best option.

Million rows of data

Results per day

Average £ saving per claim

An award-winning track record

Arbitrate was founded by claims professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the credit hire and motor insurance markets. Most importantly, we have a track record in:

  helping customers reduce credit hire invoice costs

  commercial, operational and technological success

We occupy a unique proposition in the BHR marketplace offering.


The only fully automated data engine in the UK, covering the last 7+ years of contemporaneous data


Contemporaneous, geographically appropriate and court-compliant reports


A historic data pool containing over 100 million rows of data and hundreds of millions of pieces of information

Recent case law substantiates the way that we work. We cover various daily rental scenarios and availability.

On average, we add more than 150,000 rows of data per day to our database. Thus, you can always rely on us to provide the most up-to-date BHR data.

For peace of mind, we store and process all our data using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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