Providing Basic Hire Rate Evidence (BHR)

– to Help customers reduce rates paid on Credit Hire Invoices

Take control of your incoming Credit Hire costs.

We have been providing Basic Hire Rate evidence to help customers reduce the daily rates they pay on their Credit Hire Invoices for five years.

Arbitrate was founded by experienced claims professionals:

Diverse and in-depth knowledge of the Credit Hire and Motor Insurance markets.

A track record of commercial, operational and technological success.


By using our report with a robust covering letter and sending it with your settlement cheque, you will improve claims settlement and negotiation times, and lower your overall claims costs.

Accurate, contemporaneous evidence = a fair price.

We’ve created an intelligent solution that gives us access to the rental costs across six of the top rental providers for any point of time during the last three years.

This means we can quickly generate robust, time-specific  and geographically appropriate evidence to show the ‘going rate’ or the Basic Hire Rate (BHR) for the period of hire…

Our customers can then agree to settle the Credit Hire Invoice at a fair and reasonable daily rate – based on demonstrable evidence.


Why we are different to typical BHR defence:

We provide a truly unique proposition in the marketplace.

We are the only fully automated data engine in the UK covering the last 3 years.


Our reports are contemporaneous and geographically appropriate.

We have a historic data pool of circa 20 million rows of data. We cover various daily rental scenarios and availability and we and we are adding to this pool by an average of over 50,000 rows per day.

Million lines of data

Results per day

Average £ saving per claim

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